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QiYo Multiversal Yoga

With so many forms of yoga in the world today it can be hard to make a choice. It's a well known paradox in psychology that there is less freedom, with many things to choose from. Another thing is overspecialization as we can see in the world of medicine today. For every age, every organ, for every disease even, there's another specialist. Does this automatically mean a better doctor? I see this phenomenon as losing ourselves in the evergrowing fractal world, leaving 2 questions with every answer found. Goal of working in a holistic way is zooming out of the picture and see the old Hermetic paradigm: 'As above, so below'. We are the microcosm in the macrocosm and every part of the body is connected with it all. We are whole, wholistic beings.

Now for yoga it's the same. If we want to balance our body, mind & spirit we have to acknowledge all layers of your being. Not pure physical, but not floating around either. The Hopi indians have a prohecy about the tribe of many colours. And when the four directions come together, peace will be restored and paradise will flourish upon this world. That's why in QiYo many different traditions come together and balance each other out. Not static, but dynamic. Not linear but curved. It carries the teachings of the water. Be strong, but flexible.

From dr. Emoto we also know that water has memory. He tested the effects of loving energy, in the form of written or spoken words, on the crystaline structure of the water when frozen. Doing the same with lower vibrations like yelling, cursing and hating on another glass of water. The difference was stunning, showing perfect symmetrical icecrystals in one and disharmonious blops in the other. Knowing our bodies are made up out of 70-75% water, we should take care how we handle our water. Do we give it the respect it deserves and shine our light bright into this world? Or do we vibrate on a lower level, disharmonious with our true core?

QiYo carries the teachings of the sacred waters. It teaches to be strong, but flexible. To follow the path of least resistance in a powerfull manner. With the knowledge of last paragraph we can consciously charge our own waters to the highest potential. Treating it with harmonious resonance, going left and right in a flowstate, coming from the 'Hara'-point.

Hara means your 'Elixer field', your prime source of vital energy. It is located 2 fingers below the navel and 3 fingers wide inside the belly. Coming to Union with this point is like the single drop of water becoming one with the ocean. All movements flow effortlesly when residing in Hara. Kung fu fighters are aware of this and derive most of their power from this point.

During the warming up and in 'the Form' we interchange Qi gong- and Tai chi practices with yoga and kung fu, woven into a resonant dance. We learn the body to move in a natural way and to work with your energyfield consciously by visualizing colours and dynamic meditation. When the two align in perfect balance, this joyous state overflows the dwellings of Soul and you will find peace.

Hatha yoga is like the mother of all yoga. With every body being different it will need other specific asana's to work with on a daily basis.

A great tool in yoga for cleansing and focus is breathing, called pranayama. It means working on your energetic body, or the pranayama kosha. There are many different types of pranayama, for many different causes or goals. The effects of pranayama are proven to be very effective for a great deal of diseases. It cleanses the nadi's, or the subtle energy channels in the body or it gets your energy flowing in a way you don't need your coffee in the morning! Furthermore, it is used to balance out the two hemispheres, which makes it excellent to do prior to meditation.

Then finally, when in meditation or in savasana, you can let your mind wander off to the angelic realms or even deeper, into the great nothingness. The space will be held by the soft beat of a drum, the sweet tingling of koshi bells or the resonant sounds of powerfull vedic mantram. Crystals are alligned in a way they are supporting your healing journey, together with vaporized high vibrational flower essences.

This truly is an holistic or 'multiversal' form of yoga.

Om Shanti Om

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