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Recently I have developped the Microbar, a tasty medicine treat for your microdosing journey. 

It contains Ceremonial grade cacao from Peru, psilocibin truffle and Lion's mane mushroom for your  optimal neuro-regenerative biohack. Only thing added is a little bit of coconut oil so it is better able to melt all in one. 


Many people have tried it over the last couple of months and the reactions are wild. Hence I'm grateful to be able to share this wonderful heart-opening medicine with you. 


1 bar is considered a safe microdose, and 12 bars are enough for about 1 month (once per 3 days)


Over the last couple of years I have guided many people worldwide on their microdose-journey. If you feel like you want more guidance or have certain questions with a medical background, please feel free to reach out to me via the website. If desired I can walk along your journey with 3 zoomcalls in total for better intention, practicalities and integration. Happy to hear from you!


Microbar microdosing medicinetrio

€ 22,00Prijs